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"High-Technology Tennis Racquets" Pedro B. Mena  X-45® Sporting Goods, Corp (President) 

  Ferenc Kuncz (Frank) 45® Technology Inventor/Developer  /  45® Sporting Goods, Corp (VP) Director of Global Operations

X-45® concept was created for the augmentation of research and development, future manufacturing and to establish a global commercialization of state of the art extreme sports equipment, parts and accessories, especially of "High-Performance-Tennis-Racquet-Frames" and has designed its landmark "ITF" approved product X‑45PRO® tennis racquet from scratch, starting with the science of hitting a tennis ball and the creation of a new line of tennis racquets that outperform all of the competitors and revolutionizes the way tennis racquets are designed, made and plays.

X-45® concept, was initially a family huge idea in a process of extraordinary growth, mainly due to the high-quality and performance of our main product X‑45PRO® "High-Performance-Tennis-Racquet-Frames".

Our vision is one of ongoing global growth, innovative product development, continually enhanced technology and the highest level of service and quality.

The X-45PRO® "High-Performance-Tennis-Racquet-Frames" takes tennis technology to the next level  with our exclusive, unique and world-patented-technology 45° offset-head and streach-shafts frame design, "Elliptical" Geometry and unique, Power-Active-Area®, Diagonal-String-Pattern and State-Of-The-Art Aerodynamic-Frame-System™ incorporated with and supported by our exclusive Triple-Axis-Symmetry™ world-patented-technology concept that has taken a purely scientific look at tennis racquets and has created a frame shape based on the ideal performance characteristics Head-Frame-Technology  for tennis playing.

Based on ergonomic and biomechanic principles, technically the correct positioning of the head and racquet face is offset, with 45° being the most optimal angle. By making the racquet ergonomic in this way the racquet forms more natural and correct positions, and therefore it becomes a better extension of your arm and hands/arms/shoulders free of injuries. Good ergonomics translate into less fatigue, low energy consumption means (low-torque) high-power, less stress and smoother movement of the arm and hand. This also translates into a better, more consistent and repeatable swing pattern, putting you in a better condition to make accurate and precision contact with the ball, by improving substancially your TIMING-GAME OVERALL PERFORMANCE.

The X‑45PRO® tennis racquets concept is the unique of their kind to be completely designed in United States, Miami, Florida by an industry outsider.


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